Outbox create spaces where queer people can dream and imagine

Our work is:
Transdisciplinary, counter-cultural and creates dialogue across generations.

We blur the boundaries of what performance can and should be.

Disrupt and question, shimmy and groove, overwhelm and delight,
subvert and challenge, disregard the ‘rules’ to find new structure, reach towards utopia and queer the form of performance making.

The way we think about performance is a bit messy.

We love:
karaoke, regional gay bars, Audre Lorde, sticky dancefloors, leather, Real Housewives, black queer liberation, novelty T-shirts, Kylie, Christina Veneno, Fenty fashion shows, Pet Shop Boys concerts, TransVegas,  Crocs in sport mode, Ocean Vuong, Jose Esteban Muñoz, Missy Elliot videos, Gays The Word, Alexander (Lee) McQueen, Harpies, rave flyers, smoke and mirrors, Peeping Tom, Cipher Press, rottweiler puppies, ancestry, protest, Leslie Feinberg, chaos, WAP, Buddies in Bad Times, overalls, cat TikToks, Lena Waithe, bath bombs, graphic novels, Elektra Abundance, pin badges, James Baldwin, tote bags, mesh tops, Janelle Monáe, durags and bandanas, carabiners, Jeremy O. Harris, Spongebob, disco, leading with love.

Our work is led by and for those who don't see themselves represented.

We are never far from:
a mirror-ball and a glitter-drop.

Outbox are:
Ben Buratta (he/they) - Artistic Director
Barry Fitzgerald (he/they) -Associate Artist
Mika Onyx Johnson (he/they) - Associate Artist
mandla rae (mandla) - Associate Artist
Yaz Zadeh (he/they) - Associate Artist

Outbox was founded in 2010 by director Ben Buratta.

Outbox are supported by The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Big Lottery Community Fund, and make work across the UK.


Poster for the show affection, Outbox at The Glory/ A.E. Harris, designed by Harry Whitham and Brenda O’Lochlainn, 2016